Imen Siar is a very talented 21 year old singer from the heart of South London who works at Nando’s, alongside studying Health & Social Care. Imen moved to the UK with her family four years ago to follow her dreams and secure a better future. Her family come from Morocco (where many still live including 43 first cousins!) but Imen was born in Italy and grew up there. Having such a cosmopolitan background means that she speaks multiple languages and even sings in 6 of them!


She always dreamed of being a singer and her mother says that she started singing before she even learned how to speak! However the moment she realised that she could do more than sing into her hairbrush in her bedroom was when she won a big schools talent show in Italy which allowed her to hope that this could be her future.


Imen’s biggest inspiration is Jessie J but she has her own unique style and she is working on being the best version of herself. Although she has had a tough past and her family were not initially supportive of her passion, Imen has always been really family oriented and has worked hard to win them over and show them what she is capable of achieving. Her dream is to be the first Hijabi Muslim singer to sell out arenas and she aspires to show all young Muslim girls that dreams can be achieved.

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