KUNCH (Tappy Engineer) grew up on a council estate in Battersea, Surrey Lane, a 15 minute walk from Clapham Junction. He always had a passion and skill for music and in his early music career, was awarded a 4 year scholarship in violin which he was sadly unable to pursue following a personal loss. At the beginning of secondary school, he started playing the piano, practising everyday whenever he could. After that, he started composing his own music, which included beats, remixes of popular songs at the time and remixes of classical music. This was when he started to take producing seriously, releasing beats on SoundCloud. Kunch reached out to some local artists and producers to collab with and connected with a local rapper (Tappy Tayze) who had a similar taste in music and choice of production. Tayze noticed the skills Kunch had and after a few months, invited him to the 'Tappy' music group as a producer, giving Kunch the name, Tappy Engineer. Kunch was brought up on artists such as Tinie Tempah, NDubz, Dappy, Chipmunk, Skepta and other major UK artists at the time. He also listened though to a lot of Canadian artists, from Drake to NAV. As inspiration for production, he looked to Dr Dre, NAV, Murda Beats, Tay Keith and some UK producers as well. Watch out for Kunch… he will be doing great things!

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